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Landscaping Services

For nearly a decade, we have been the trusted greater Seattle resource for landscape design, installation and maintenance. Our gorgeous, sustainable landscapes and hardscapes can be found across the Puget Sound.

Sustainable Maintenance

We are committed to sustainability and helping you achieve the yard of your dreams while keeping our region, soil, and the environment in mind. We work with homeowners, HOAs, Apartments, and Condo communities and provide routine lawn care services.

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Sustainable Landscaping 

Our expert team of horticulturists, craftsmen, and landscape designers and specialists have created some of the most stunning landscapes in the region. Our commitment is to sustainability and helping you achieve the landscape of your dreams while keeping our region, your soil, and the environment in mind.

Serving Greater Seattle with landscaping Since 2010

We serve individual Puget Sound homeowners or also can provide maintenance for HOAs, Apartments, and Condo communities.

Landscape Service Areas  from Elite Horticulture

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At Elite Horticulture, we use our knowledge, experience, and passion for horticulture to create and care for incredible green spaces and outdoor living areas. So our clients get the best, we give the best of what we do and that is our mission on every Greater Seattle project. We are proud to put forth the effort necessary to have happy plants and happy customers. Plants are our passion and customer service is our specialty.

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