What used to be an unused blackberry patch in the middle of our client’s landscape, is now a beautiful woodland garden that blends in with the surroundings. The base of the project was already there we just had to route our bluestone path and grade the subsoil to make the space ready for our plant scheme. One of the best features of the project was the large fallen tree that we cut through to route our path. Over time it will decay and disappear but for now, it is a real focal point of the garden. We ended up installing about 150 linear feet of bluestone which amounted to almost 15 tons in bluestone material. Bandera Granite boulders were used as accents as well as helping with any elevation issues along the path. The only stone missing from the project are the granite risers at the entry to the garden. Once the quarry’s open this summer we should be able to get them installed. We tried to keep the planting as woodsy as possible. We installed vine maples, maidenhair and western sword ferns, columbine, trillium, evergreen huckleberry, hosta, and Irish moss. As well as Alpine Fir, a few different varieties of Japanese Maple, Mt. Hemlock, and Weeping Sequoia for the larger trees. Other portions of the landscape were beginning to become overgrown so we were able to use some of those plants in the woodland garden. These transplants are primarily Rhododendron, Hosta, Japanese Maple, and Shasta Daisy. We also installed outdoor lighting for the garden so it can be admired around the clock! The space turned out better than we could have imagined and we can not wait to see what it looks like later in the summer as all of the plants start to fill out!

Also, we are proud to say this is an ongoing maintenance job, and we are landscaping a portion every year, in a total of almost 30 acres.


Initial Landscape - Before

Land preparation phase