Soil & Mulch

“Soil is the miracle medium that the miracle of life begins with”

Our soil is the basis for keeping healthy plants and lawns. More than likely the native soils in your landscape were probably taken out, damaged or improperly cared for. By mulching, top-dressing, and composting you can greatly increase the fertility of your soils


Mulching on a regular basis is very important for overall plant health by cooling the soil, conserving the evaporation of soil moisture, and providing the soil beneficial microbes. We recommend mulching your planter beds at least every other year or when you begin to see bare soil in your planter beds.


Top-Dressing is similar to mulching but there are a variety of different materials that you can use. Topdressing using organic matter with compost, arborist chips, or fall leaves will help replace the native soils that once existed. A good organic mulch or top-dressing over time will break down and build up the nutrients in the soils reducing the need for plant fertilizers and overwatering of planter beds in the summertime. Also, building up soil organics creates soil structure, and helps create better drainage allowing plants to root deeper.


If you would rather not look at all for the fall leaves in your garden over the winter another great option is to compost on-site. Composted leaves, grass clippings, and food scraps create very beneficial organic materials to be reused in planter beds or the lawn.


At Elite Horticulture, we use our knowledge, experience, and passion for horticulture to create and care for incredible green spaces and outdoor living areas. So our clients get the best, we give the best of what we do and that is our mission on every Greater Seattle project. We are proud to put forth the effort necessary to have happy plants and happy customers. Plants are our passion and customer service is our specialty.

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