Lawn Care

“The lawn is the first impression of a home”

With over 15 years of local knowledge and professional lawn care experience, we know what it takes to maintain an organic lawn in the Puget Sound region. We start with a one on one consultation to discuss your lawn maintenance needs. Based on our consultation we provide a step by step plan to get you the organic lawn that you desire.

Professional Lawn Maintenance

Top-dressing and Over-seeding

Top-dressing your lawn with compost and overseeding is far more beneficial to your lawn than constantly watering and fertilizing. The topdressing will fill in low spots that have developed over time. In addition, the compost will build up the nutrients in the soil reducing the need for constant fertilizing and over watering in the summer. In conjunction with top-dressing and overseeding, we recommend aerating at least once per year.

Before & After Hydroseeding


Proper fertilization is essential to keeping your lawn healthy. We use organic fertilizers containing beneficial microbes, rather than strong chemical compounds that over time can weaken the subsoil, contribute to polluting waterways with runoff and perpetuate a cycle of nutrient deficiencies. Based on the individual lawn, we recommend a yearly fertilization schedule. This is typically around 3-4 applications per year.

Properly mowed lawn

Properly mowed lawn

Properly mowed lawn

Properly mowed lawn

Lawn Mowing Services

Rather than bag and haul away grass clippings, our lawns are mowed using mulching type mowers that finely cut, recycle and redistribute the clippings back into the grass to improve soil texture, pH, and nutrient levels.


At Elite Horticulture, we use our knowledge, experience, and passion for horticulture to create and care for incredible green spaces and outdoor living areas. So our clients get the best, we give the best of what we do and that is our mission on every Greater Seattle project. We are proud to put forth the effort necessary to have happy plants and happy customers. Plants are our passion and customer service is our specialty.

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