Our clients have only lived there for a short time and inherited a landscape that was seriously underperforming. We removed all of the sod in the front and back yard, as well as the majority of the existing plants. We saved some Hydrangea, Rhododendron, and a deciduous Azalea. They wanted an update that would provide color in the summer but remain relatively low maintenance. The backyard is full shade so we were able to use two different plant pallets. In the front, we went with Nandina and Mugo Pine for the anchor shrubs. Then filled in with Black-eyed Susan, Cone Flower, Heuchera, Lavender, and Heather. In the back, we saved two large Hydrangea and moved some of the other plants out front to places we think they will like a little better. The anchor shrubs in the back are two additional Hydrangea, Azaleas, and Sarcococca. For color in the back, we used Bergenia, assorted Astilbe, Hosta, and Sword Fern. Our clients were left with a great deck for entertaining but with little privacy from the neighboring house. We installed a prefabricated cedar lattice to help. Climbing Hydrangea was installed that will eventually cover the entire screen. To finish we installed a small gravel path to get from the front gate to the back deck. The transformation is pretty stark and we think it turned out great! Really can’t wait to see how this landscape fills out.