This home had an existing landscape that was in need of a plant update. We used some of the existing plants but for the most part we started from scratch with a new plant design. We removed all of the sod in the front of the house to make mowing easier as well as give us a little more room for the new plantings. The back lawn had mostly failed and was overrun with clover so we removed the existing lawn and replaced it with new sod. The front rockery was a bit of a falling hazard so we planted ilex and reed feather grass to give the yard a defined edge. Along the driveway we planted climbing hydrangea and Virginia creeper to help break up the size of the rockery. Boulders were added throughout to give the landscape some contour. We installed a bluestone path with huckleberry risers leading from the front of the house to the back yard. Moss was planted in-between the bluestone to act as a ground cover. The back yard has two terraced rockeries that were existing. We added to large Bloodwood maples on the top terrace to match the one that was already there. On the lower terrace we installed lilac, Crimson Queen Japanese maples, and a tree hydrangea. To keep both of the rockeries in bloom all summer long we added a variety of perennials such as; pink phlox, coreopsis, salvia, black eyed susan, heuchera, and hosta. While we cannot take credit for the water feature we did update all the planting in the surrounding beds. Two weeping Norway spruces were added as well as candy tuft and a variety of succulents. Quaking Aspen were added along the neighbors fence to create a privacy screen. The finished product will only get better once all of these plants become more established.