In this project, we landscaped the front entry of a bar in Woodinsvillw WA, to get them ready for their grand opening. We removed and replaced the old sod. For plants, we added a small laurel hedge under the windows, nandina to frame off the mural on the front of the building, and various perennials to give the landscape some pops of color. We put two five-leaf akebias in to grow up the custom steel trellis at the front of the building. We installed nearly 1000 sqft. of 2 ft. by 2 ft. concrete pavers in a charcoal color.¬†To help with the effects of typical restaurant wear and tear we installed an anti-fungal sealer on the pavers. Not only will it help with the food issues but it should keep the pavers looking like new for years to come. The patio area had some interesting grade issues so we built a small retaining wall around the outside border which gives the patio a kind of sunken down feeling. To collect any water draining from the patio we installed a 4″ channel drain that runs the length of the patio and ties into the existing foundation drains. We created a barrier between the patio and the parking lot using a variety of containers. We alternated matte black fiberglass square containers and steel watering troughs to give the patio some color variation. Since there is no irrigation to the containers we went with a succulent plant pallet, which is drought tolerant. There are three different kinds of Sedum, Selaginella (moss-like), and Hens and Chicks. For the centers of each container, we used Sky Pencil Ilex and Hicks Yew. If you like burgers and beer this is definitely the spot you need to go. The owners were great to work with and their food is amazing! Don’t be surprised if you see the Elite staff enjoying some food and drink on this new patio hangout in Woodinville!

Initial Landscape - Before

Construction Phase