This project came from one of our current maintenance clients. He is great to work with, as he shares our passion for sustainability in landscapes. Critical to sustainable landscaping is attention to conserving and protecting the soil. Although the majority of this property is filled with native plants and trees, the quality of the soil was lacking.

Over the past two years, we have been creating small pockets of woodland gardens across this landscape with the intention to restore the viability of the soil over time. We started by using cut logs found onsite to provide focal points, as well as nice breaks in the elevation. The added bonus is that as the logs break down, the nutrients are returned to the soil without the use of chemicals. By top dressing the beds with compost and mulch, we were able to further develop the existing soil, versus removing and replacing the native soil. Each step of our sustainable landscape maintenance work is designed to enrich the soil, plants, and areas for the future. 

With the exception of a bamboo screen and a few small groundcover plants, all of the plants used in this landscape are native to the area. For this project we used western and maidenhair ferns, Douglas spirea, flowering currant, and Kelsey dogwood. Our team placed imported Bandera Granite boulders to help with the steep slope of the property where the black bamboo was installed. Along the street, we removed an old Juniper hedge, imported new soil, and installed more Bandera boulders to create a new planting area. The result is beautiful!