We have recently taken on a couple of wetland mitigation maintenance projects. Basically, wetland mitigation is offsetting or countering the effects of developing or building near any aquatic habitats. We are tasked with maintaining the sites after the initial wetland restoration takes places. This includes; providing irrigation for new plantings when possible, replacement of unsuccessful plants, invasive weed removal, mulch applications, and performance reporting. All of the plantings are native species to the Northwest. We just finished up our first maintenance visit of the year at our site in Auburn. During this visit we removed all of the vegetation around the existing plants and applied new mulch to all of the tree rings. The majority of the clean up involved removing Canary Reed Grass which is one of the more invasive plants to keep back. During our fall visit we will do the same thing but will begin replacing the plants that have been unsuccessful. Hopefully at this time we will be able to install a new irrigation system as well. The end goal being able to reach 80% plant success by the end of year 10. Below are some before and after pictures of our most recent visit.