This was a full design/build project we completed out in the new River Glen community in North Bend, late in the summer of 2018. Despite the size of the backyard, we were able to include just about all of the landscape construction services that we offer. Our clients wanted to have a very intimate backyard space to share with their family and friends. They also wanted the landscape to feel like it had been there for years. This meant finding larger plants and trees to give the space a more mature feel. For hardscape, we did two different patios. One is a larger patio off of the back door that gives our clients a space to eat and entertain. The second patio is a smaller circle patio with a fire pit and seating wall. Both of the patios were built with Belgard Mega Lafit pavers. Both the fire pit and seating wall were custom-built using CMU blocks with mortared cultured stone to face. The cultured stone is Aspen Country Ledge Stone sourced through Mutual Materials. As a centerpiece between the two patios we used another one of Rock Mountains prefabricated water features. This is really becoming a go-to feature for us when a client wants a real low maintenance water feature. The water feature is flanked on both sides by two large Weeping Norway Spruce trees. To provide privacy from both neighbors we installed a large Arborvitae hedge. The other anchor trees include; Bloodgood Japanese Maples, Quaking Aspen, Katsura, Dogwood, and Hinoki Cypress. Each one of these trees will have a distinct color or flower during the spring, summer, and fall. Keeping with our emphasis on sustainability we installed two espalier apple trees and a variety of blueberries. Our clients wanted to have as much color in the backyard during the summer as possible. There are a variety of perennials planted throughout to make this a really stunning landscape during the summer months. We also installed a full outdoor lighting system to light up the pathways and larger anchor trees. This is one of our favorite small backyard landscapes it will no doubt only get better with age!

Initial Landscape - Before