This project on Mercer Island was completed in several phases. We started it late last year by removing the majority of the plant material throughout the property. Everything was overgrown and did not fit the space. There were two major slopes in the yard that required retaining walls and one we were able to mitigate with boulders and a large set of risers to provide access from the front to the back.

The last phase we just completed was strictly finishing the planting, starting from scratch as we had removed everything. For large anchor trees, we used Quacking Aspen, a variety of Japanese Maples, Umbrella Pines, Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, and Flowering Dogwoods. For shrubs, we used Hydrangea and Sarcococca. There are also a variety of perennials throughout; Purple Fountain Grass, Astilbe, a variety of Ferns and Wild Ginger. We also used a Flowering Thyme along the Bluestone path as it is hardy and holds up to being walked on. When it’s stepped on, it releases a woody scent and grows quickly to fill in the pathway. We love how it turned out – what do you think?