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Elite Horticulture specializes in Greater Seattle hardscape design and Installation all types of hardscape applications. Regardless of the medium you choose we know you will have a space that your family and friends will love

Greater Seattle Hardscape Design, Installation & Materials


The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor patios. We specialize in both pre-cast pavers and natural stone applications. Please contact us to discuss the many different options that are available to you.


Check the slider showing a few of our past hardscape jobs for inspiration.


NOTE: The work we’ve done, as you can see in the photos, is NOT just about hardscaping, as that is just one of the many services we provide in terms of landscape design and construction. Contact us for more details

Porcelain Paver Patio in North Bend, WA

This is our second project now using Belgard's Noon Porcelain Pavers. It gives our customers a...

Hardscape & Plant Design in North Bend, WA

This is another design/build project that we finished up in The River Glen community in North...

Paver Patio & Seating Wall in North Bend, WA

This is another great patio that our team just finished up. We have been trying out new materials...

Backyard Landscape Design & Build in North Bend, WA

This is now the seventh property we have been able to work on in the new River Glen Community in...

Extensive Landscape Renovation in Mercer Island, WA

Our clients recently purchased a new home on Mercer Island. The landscape had long been neglected...

Alpine Garden in North Bend, WA – Porcelain Paver Patio Upgrade

This is phase two of Alpine Garden in North Bend, WA that we started last year. This was our first...

Backyard Landscape Construction in North Bend, WA

This is another project we finished up in North Bend in the new River Glen community. The existing...

Alpine Garden in North Bend, WA

This was our fourth project in the River Glen community in North Bend. The design is especially...

Japanese Theme Garden in North Bend, WA

This was our last project of 2017 and a design element that we have not really used before. We...


At Elite Horticulture, we use our knowledge, experience, and passion for horticulture to create and care for incredible green spaces and outdoor living areas. So our clients get the best, we give the best of what we do and that is our mission on every Greater Seattle project. We are proud to put forth the effort necessary to have happy plants and happy customers. Plants are our passion and customer service is our specialty.

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