Landscaping Services


At Elite Horticulture, we provide a broad variety of landscaping services, related not only to our specialty, which is Plant Design, but Irrigation, Outdoor Lighting and Outdoor Fireplaces. Practically anything you can think of, that would make your space look and feel unique we can design and build!

From Planning to Installation

We take pride on making every design unique to the space involved and the client’s specifications. If budgetary constraints are of concern, we offer a free estimate and design contracts that will help you decide the best course of action, no matter the size of your project.


At Elite Horticulture, we use our knowledge, experience, and passion for horticulture to create and care for incredible green spaces and outdoor living areas. So our clients get the best, we give the best of what we do and that is our mission on every Greater Seattle project. We are proud to put forth the effort necessary to have happy plants and happy customers. Plants are our passion and customer service is our specialty.

Bring your vision to life

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