One of our last projects of 2017 in Bridle Trails! We were contracted by a construction company to make this design a reality. An old failing deck was removed to make room for a new concrete patio off of the back of the house. The concrete work and raised planters were subcontracted but we were responsible for the rest of the project. We installed a small retaining wall to deal with elevation changes from the new concrete and existing lawn. It is just a simple stacked block wall but it does a nice job of making the patio feel separate from the rest of the landscape. Drainage was added around the border of the concrete to prevent any pooling of water on the patio. The drain was topped with Mexican Beach Pebbles to add a great border between the concrete and the planting areas. As a centerpiece for the future dining area on the patio, we installed a three-column water feature. It is also topped with Mexican Beach Pebbles to keep with the theme of the space. We had to rework the existing irrigation system to provide adequate water to all of the new landscape areas and raised planters. The design gives the homeowner a heavy dose of summer color with the majority of the plants being summer perennials. Containers will also be added this summer to give the space even more color. We constructed a large play area using pressure treated timbers and play chips to keep this back yard kid-friendly. About 3000 sqft. of new sod was installed to give the kids even more space to recreate. We installed 2×2 pavers in the lower portion of the lawn to create a pad for the barbecue. Pavers were also randomly spaced in the lawn to make a makeshift path leading out of the back of the house to the rest of the lawn. Four large steel troughs were installed with 12′ green bamboo along the west side of the house to provide a nice privacy screen. We think the project turned out great and cannot wait to see what it looks like in the summer!