When you think about landscape design and landscape designers, you might conjure thoughts about a detailed drawing that shows where every tree, shrub, and flower is located in your yard. What many of us do not think about, is that you’re engaging in landscape design in Ravensdale every time you purchase a new plant and add it to your surroundings.

However, the best landscape designers and hardscape designers are going to be those who have a vast knowledge of both horticulture and artistic design. The professionals who offer landscape design in Ravensdale will also understand how the terrain and climate factor into the most beautiful designs for the area. The experts at Elite Horticulture can create an outside world through landscape design that is both functional and beautiful at the same time.

The Difference Between Landscape Design and Hardscape Design

Even if you are familiar with the term landscape design, you may not realize what hardscape design is and how important it can be. Landscape design encompasses all of the soft, growing items in your lawn, including trees, flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Hardscape design is related to everything else: from an outdoor kitchen made of stone to brick walkways and concrete patios in your Ravensdale backyard. Hardscape and landscape design are made to go together.

When you choose a landscape design company like Elite Horticulture serving Ravensdale, there will be a balance between hardscape and landscape design. Having too much hardscape design and not enough landscape design can result in a home that looks overly commercial. On the opposite side of the coin, too much landscape design and too light an emphasis on hardscape design can make a yard seem confused.

Considering Your Landscape Design Needs for the Best Results

The truth is that for superior landscape and hardscape designs are possible, but simply professionals are needed to provide the absolute best. However, the best way to get a landscape design that fits your priorities is by sitting down and considering exactly what you need. You can then pass that information on to the landscape designer responsible for your Ravensdale WA, landscaping project. A professional landscaper like those found at Elite Horticulture will use their knowledge to create the best yard in Ravensdale for you.

As an example, maybe you want a place for your children to play in your landscape design. A landscape designer like Elite Horticulture can ensure that you make it into your space. Does your ideal landscape design have more trees than flowers? This is another thing that the landscape designer needs to know. Takedown a few notes about the landscape design that you tend to appreciate the most, so you get the best results from your landscape designer.

Landscape Designs Flourish When Using Professional Landscape Designers

When you want the best possible landscape design in Ravensdale, you can trust the hardscape and landscape designers at Elite Horticulture. They will work with your budget and landscape design ideas to build the space you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you want to upgrade the landscape design at your home or start withavensdale new landscape design from scratch, professionals will ensure you get precisely what you want