If you ever get the chance to tour the many grand and stately palaces dotted around Europe, you’re bound to be blown away by their grandeur. Of course, there is the majesty of the homes and the vast collections of art but, wow, check out their landscapes. You will know you’re in the home of a royal when you see their perfectly designed landscapes and groomed grounds.

There’s certainly something to be said about a home with a well-planned landscape design. It shows a dedication to beauty and makes your home stand out as more than just another house on the block. You’ll also appreciate a sense of calm as you look out across your garden first thing in the morning. Now, we’re not saying you need to live in Versailles, but what if you could have some of that same grandeur right here in Enumclaw Washington? With the right landscape design, you too could have your own little Enumclaw palace.

Landscaping vs. Hardscaping

When it comes to landscaping, you should probably know that there’s more than one avenue you can take. There are both landscaping and hardscaping designs. Where landscaping has to do with the trees, grass, and flowers in your backyard, hardscaping addresses everything else. This could mean installing a stone walkway leading to a firepit or even putting in a full patio.

To achieve a truly regal look for your landscape it’s best to find an Enumclaw landscaping company like Elite Horticulture who can mix both land and hardscaping into your landscape design.

Picking a Design

Before you settle on the final landscape design, it’s best to get an idea of what your yard is suited for and what you are ready to maintain. For example, if you choose a landscape design that’s built around a lawn of green grass, you’ll need to regularly mow and maintain the lawn. However, if you choose a landscape design built around flowerbeds, you’ll need to weed and water the garden regularly.

Also, consider the size and location of your yard. If you have a small plot of land, it’s important to use the space efficiently. If your yard is well shaded, some plants may grow better than others. These are all factors you should consider, and a professional landscape designer can help work out what will go best with your Enumclaw home and yard.

Popular Trends

There are certain styles of landscaping designs that have been trending throughout the past few years, and we have listed them below and do recommend you read through them to see if anything stands out.

Trend #1. Front yard landscaping
For so long, front yards have fallen to the wayside when it comes to landscaping. Outside of a lawn of green grass and maybe a few narrow flowerbeds against the house, front yards usually don’t get the same attention as the backyard. People don’t generally spend much time in their front yards, so it makes sense that they don’t spend much time thinking about it.
Landscaping your front yard is a brilliant idea, though. For homes on a small plot of land, landscaping the edges of the front yard with flowerbeds and shrubbery is a wonderful way to achieve a garden that invites people into your home and can make the plot look larger. A landscaped front yard also has the added effect of boosting your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to sell soon, a front yard landscaped garden is an excellent way to bring in buyers.

Trend #2 – Pebbles and Stones
One of the hottest trends right now is stone pathways lined with pebbles. While a beautiful landscape occupied by shrubbery, trees, and flowers is stunning, it can lack direction without a clear structure. A stone pathway lined with pebbles provides this structure and gives your landscape some dark contrast against the bright greens, reds, and purples of the plant life.
Stones and pebbles are also a nice way to tie together front yard and backyard landscapes. Rather than disconnecting your design at the side of the house, laying a pathway or incorporating beds of stone can bring everything together into one clean and clear layout.

Trend #3 – Zen Gardens
If you’re quite keen on the idea of stone in your garden, you might also enjoy the current Zen garden design trends. Although not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, Zen gardens have seen a resurgence in their structured and low-maintenance landscape architecture. If designing a Zen garden sounds overly complicated, it’s not! One of the main features of a Zen garden is its heavy incorporation of rock and pebbles.

With beds of stone rather than plants, you achieve a beautifully textured landscape that’s broken up by occasional trees and shrubs. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time in their schedule to maintain a complicated design full of flowers and grasses. Instead, pull a rake over the stones every so often, and you’re set for the foreseeable future. You can add your designs, including waves, circles, and even a checkboard design! You’ll relax and find nirvana all from the comfort of home.

Trend #4 – Outdoor Kitchens and Firepits
Perhaps you and the family spend quite a lot of time outdoors. If so, you could benefit from an outdoor kitchen or firepit. This is a fantastic way to add hardscaping into your landscape design that’s attractive and functional. On summer evenings, you can host cookouts with your Enumclaw neighbors or sit around and toast marshmallows over your firepit. Keep in mind, though; an outdoor kitchen will require a bit more space than a firepit. If your home is on a smaller plot of land, you may do better with a firepit for grilling meat. While not as full-on as a kitchen, you’ll still have loads of fun grilling meat the way our ancestors did for thousands of years!

Where to Get Started

Now that you’ve got a good idea of some of the hottest trends in landscape design, you’re probably wondering where to get started. If you’re in the Enumclaw area, you can reach out to Elite Horticulture at 425-533-4350, and they’ll get you set up with a professional landscaper who can bring your palatial home garden to life right here in Enumclaw!