Elite Horticulture is proud to offer its lawn care services and maintenance to the Kent, WA area. Being a homeowner entails many responsibilities to keep your property looking fresh. One of the best things to add to your Kent, WA home care routine is lawn care maintenance. This will make you proud of your home and make you stick out in your neighborhood. Having a unique lawn design for your Kent, WA home is sure to make people turn their heads. Taking the proper maintenance steps year-round will help ensure its longevity, which is important to any Kent, WA home investment.

First impressions are vitally important to your community you live in. Having that fresh look for your Kent, WA house will make you the talk of the neighborhood. Even simple lawn care on your current yard is enough to make you stick out in a good community. Our team from Elite Horticulture are trained experts, ready to perform any lawn care services that your Kent, WA yard needs. Building an outdoor landscape space for you and others to enjoy looking at and being around is vital to us.

Kent Lawn Care Maintenance

If you are content with your current Kent, WA home landscape design, we can help. Elite Horticulture provides professional landscape and lawn care maintenance for any lawn or backyard. Every lawn renovation at first is incredible, but over time the weather and the seasons will take a heavy toll on it. Maintenance of your Kent, WA home lawn is essential to keeping it in top shape.

Our lawn care maintenance list includes, but is not limited to for your Kent, WA home is:

  • Pruning (removal of dead and overgrown roots and parts of trees)
  • Mowing (grass cutting)
  • Tree Removal (removal of trees for safety or aesthetic reasons)
  • Cultivation (building a space to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables)
  • Edging (creating an edge to make a focus on a certain landscape element)
  • Fertilization (promoting the growth of plants)

Our understanding of the proper lawn care maintenance techniques ensures your lawn stays beautiful in Kent, WA. To help us coexist with nature, we offer sustainable and eco-friendly lawn care solutions. Our goal is to impersonate the local ecosystem to have nature accept your landscape smoothly. This will help not disrupt mother nature, but also have local wildlife such as butterflies and birds pay your Kent, WA home a visit if desired.

If you are not satisfied with your current lawn care or landscape, we can help out in a more significant aspect than maintenance. Elite Horticulture has many landscaping and hardscaping services we provide when it comes to more than just maintenance. Eventually, your Kent, WA lawn might need something more significant than maintenance, and we provide those services to you.

Our Landscaping Services

At Elite Horticulture in Kent, WA, our primary lawn care specialty is in Plant Design. Our team includes experts that know the best local nurseries for the best quality plants. We consider many things when we choose plants, like size, texture, shape, and color. We can even select native or ornamental types of plants to attract different types of wildlife. Want to attract a particular kind of bird or butterfly? We can help with that. Want to have a place where a bee community can flourish? We can also help you with that. Building a beautiful garden for your Kent, WA home is our specialty.

Plant design is not our only landscape service. Elite Horticulture also provides Kent, WA with:

  • General Landscape Design – Need help determining what is best for your yard or landscape in Kent, WA? Elite Horticulture offers free estimates for any project you envision. From an entire yard renovation to a simple spring yard cleaning, we are here at every step to ensure it goes smoothly.
  • Landscape Lighting – Putting investment into lawn care is fantastic, but having a home in Kent, WA, means it starts getting dark at 4:00 pm during some parts of the year. Having lights and LED fixtures to make your landscape glow will make your investment shine.
  • Hardscape Design – Every type of hardscape design is one that we specialize in. No matter which kind of design you have in mind, we ensure that our hardscaping work is one everyone wants to be around in Kent, WA.
  • Water Features – An easy way to add that “wow” factor to any Kent, WA home is a water feature for your landscape. From a simple fountain that bubbles away to a waterfall that cascades, we can create a water feature that you can’t keep your eyes off of.
  • Firepits & Outdoor Fireplaces – Sitting around a fire is a unique experience to us, as it’s a place where we share laughs and stories. As a place where social interactions revolve around, it’s essential to have a comfortable and attractive fireplace. We offer both wood-burning and natural gas options for any home in the Kent, WA area.
  • Irrigation – If you desire an irrigation system to keep your plants and yard watered, we have got you covered. Integral in your lawn care maintenance, we will give you a proper custom installation revolving around which kind of system any Kent, WA landscape needs.

Our team at Elite Horticulture knows what to look out for when they inspect your yard or landscape. Getting your Kent, WA home to look unique will make you stand out. We can help you achieve that with the least amount of work possible, which could be a simple Kent, WA lawn care maintenance or a full-blown renovation. We hope that you put your trust in our hands, as we want to make your lawn care service experience the best it can be. Our considerations will include our landscaping, hardscaping, and landscape and lawn care maintenance routines to provide what every Kent, WA home needs.