This was our last project of 2017 and a design element that we have not really used before. We tried to incorporate some of the themes of a Japanese garden while also tailoring the space to our client’s desires. The main issue in this backyard was the drainage. The existing landscape, while newer, had standing water on the lawn. We installed two dry river beds with a perforated pipe to collect all of the water in the backyard and direct it into the community’s bio-swale system. The river beds, created out of cobble and dark basalt boulders, also create a really nice frame for the patio and path areas. We built a roughly 275 square foot patio using 2’x2′ pavers in charcoal color to increase the usable seating space. The path was created using a smaller square paver to increase the space we could use for planting in this area. With our current push to become more sustainable and eco-friendly, we used recycled saw cut Colombia Basalt for the small monument rocks spaced within the path system. Jet Black marble chips were spread within the path system to finish. We tried to use some pretty unique trees to go with this unique design. The landscape is flanked by a Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar and a Weeping Sequoia. They also frame the amazing view our clients have of Mount Si in North Bend. We also installed two different kinds of Weeping Japanese Maples. One is a ‘Red Dragon’ (red) and the other is a ‘Mikawa Yasubusa’ (green). Green Mondo Grass, Irish Moss, Deer Fern, and Hosta add great contrast to the Jet Black Marble chips within the path. There are also Camelia, Sarcacocca, and Hydrangea to add color at different times of the year.

Initial Landscape - Before