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“The grass is greener where you water it”

We install custom irrigation systems, depending on the landscape and its needs. We also provide maintenance throughout the year to make sure it is working properly.

Design & Installation

An irrigation system is critical to maintaining your landscape. We can redesign your already existing system to increase efficiency or start from scratch. Each system we install is built around the landscape and conditions that exist at your property.


We prefer to maintain all of our irrigation systems. Beginning in early April we charge your system, check for any breaks, and make any adjustments needed to keep your irrigation system functioning at maximum efficiency. In late fall when the growing season is over we will be back out to winterize the system. We also recommend that you have us out periodically throughout the summer to make any adjustments that we feel are necessary to keep your landscape thriving or better yet, sign up for our Landscape Maintenance plan and we will maintain your grounds, irrigation, water features and lighting year-round.


Irrigation System Maintenance is important because water needs change throughout the season for your landscape. Seasonal adjustments ensure that your irrigation system is running efficiently throughout the growing season. We recommend always having a professional start your irrigation system by May 15th. Our techs will observe spray patterns and adjust, as needed. If any major repairs are needed such as broken pipes, valves, or sprinkler heads they can be resolved before the summer really gets going. If your area requires annual backflow testing for your water connection to the irrigation system we can schedule this at the time of your irrigation start-up. We then set up and program the irrigation timer to water as needed adjusting throughout the growing season. Plants should be watered deeply with less frequency, soil should be allowed to dry in between watering days. Doing this will foster deep strong plant roots that will become less dependent on irrigation as the plant matures. Native plants need to be irrigated through the establishment period for at least 4 years. Ornamentals will need more frequent watering at least 3 times per week during the summer months. Grass in the summertime will need to be watered a minimum of every other day and sometimes daily depending on several factors including soil type, sun exposure, species, and overall desired appearance throughout the year. As the season comes to a close, we recommend winterizing the irrigation system. This is essentially draining the system of its water by forcing air throughout the pipping and irrigation heads. A tech will connect an air compressor to a quick coupler to the irrigation system. By winterizing the irrigation system there will be less damages from freezing during the winter months. Any damage noted that may have occurred to the irrigation system through the growing season will be repaired or noted for the spring Irrigation system activation depending on the customers desire.

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