Our team of Horticulture experts identified that the flowering plum trees at the entrance of the development were showing serious signs of age, with many mature trees reaching the end of their expected life span. They evaluated the soil and the climate in this neighborhood and prepared a three year plan for replacement of these old trees. Once approved by the developers and the city, our team of professionals set out on Phase 1 of the project, starting with the replacement of the entry plum trees.

We determined that caliper sunset maple trees would be the best replacement for the area. They are drought-tolerant once established, they can handle the heavy, wet soils that exist in the area and they would provide a beautiful fall color display that would last longer than the spring flowers of the plums.

Fast forward to March 2019, where 64 trees have been planted throughout the community and watered with gator bags, and they have received 20 inches of wet, heavy snow. We are proud to say that there have been ZERO casualties. The willingness of the community to trust our horticulture expertise and approve the plan has saved them a lot of money in removal and replacement.

The remaining plums that were left?  They didn’t fare too well. (Photo Feb. 2019). The moral of the story here is that we have the expertise to know if the trees and landscaping products in your yard are right for the conditions and can help you save money in the long run and plan for a future of strong, healthy, well-suited plants in your yard! 

Initial Landscape - Before