Recently we had the opportunity to install our first wetland buffer. Up until this point, we have only been maintaining sites that were installed by other companies. This opportunity came to us from The Watershed Company out of Kirkland. The project is at the site of a casino in Fife looking to expand their parking lot. In order for them to do this, they were required to install a 75′ setback along the Wapato Creek. First, we had to remove all of the invasive species along the creek bed and install a straw wattle and silt fence to ensure we did not compromise the creek bed. We then had to remove a portion of the existing asphalt as well as around 100 cubic yards of non-usable soil. We then imported over 300 cubic yards of topsoil to the site. Once the topsoil was graded we tilled the soil with compost to ensure the health of the new plants. An above-ground temporary irrigation system was installed to ensure the plants would receive plenty of water through the growing season. In total, we installed close to 700 native plants to the site. Basically a plant every 5′ throughout the site. The plants include; Red Alder, Western Red Cedar, Vine Maple, two types of native roses, Dogwood, Willow, Shore Pine, Mock Orange, Serviceberry, Oregon Grape, and Hazelnut. Once the plants were installed we imported around 150 cubic yards of Arborists chips to help with weed control, water retention, and additional nutrients for the plants. Lastly, we installed about 200′ of Split Rail Cedar fence to delineate the area as a sensitive wetland buffer. It was a great project that allowed us to do some things that we do not normally get to do. The site will be maintained and monitored by us for the next five years so it will be really great to see this space return to a more native stream area!

Initial Landscape - Before