Our client’s home in Covington Washington had a landscape that was basically a front lawn with some very sparse plantings throughout. They wanted a new landscape design that really wowed you as you drove up to their home. I think we can say we achieved that and more! The back of the home was previously landscaped so we were only tasked with the front yard landscape remodel. We started by removing all of the existing landscaping in the front so we could import new soil to really help the new landscape thrive. Once the old landscape was stripped we installed 6 zones of irrigation for all of the front and back yard landscaping. We installed 15 yards of topsoil and about 1.5 tons of dark basalt boulders to really mound up all of the planting areas. The main anchor trees are Styrax and Golden Hinoki Cypress. Both of which will add privacy along with the neighboring properties. Smaller shrubs such as hydrangea, azalea, and sarcococca were used in front of the main porch and to fill in between the larger plantings. A variety of perennials were used to add various color spots throughout the summer. To make the front driveway more appealing and to add a little size we added a three-foot-wide paver border along both sides. The last two pictures in the Covington Landscaping project slideshow are of the turf renovation we did to the back yard after all of our trenching for the irrigation system. When done correctly and at the right time of year grass seed really thrives. The two pictures are only a week apart and you can hardly tell that our landscapers were there. We are really looking forward to seeing this landscape take shape as all of the plantings begin to mature.

Initial front-yard - before