Our clients had an old failing deck that was taking up the majority of their backyard space. The deck has since been replaced. Our task was to design a space separate from the deck that was usable and featured an updated planting scheme. The landscape was full of old overgrown rhododendron that has been removed. We went with a more native plant scheme with some designated color spots to keep the landscape interesting throughout the year. Currently, we have leveled off the portion of the back yard that was covered by the old deck. We have also installed huckleberry risers to replace the old railroad tie steps that were existing. To date, we have installed about ten tons of dark basalt boulders to help with the grade changes along the new deck. There are two landings off the deck that are constructed out of Cowboy Coffee Flagstone. We will also install a path made of the same material leading to the front of the house. While mother nature was anything but helpful, we think that the finished project speaks for itself. Our natural stone staircase made of Huckleberry basalt turned out perfect. We constructed two-deck landings and garden paths out of Cowboy Coffee flagstone. We had to import quite a large amount of dark basalt boulders to help with the elevation changes in the back yard. The three different types of rock material we used in this project really go together nicely. For the most part, we tried to keep the native areas of the landscape the same. There are several different types of ferns that we installed as well as salal. Knick Knick and low fast Cotoneaster were used in some areas that required a little extra erosion control. For the other parts of the landscape, we used a variety of different plants. There are two types of Japanese maple, one green, and one red. We installed pockets of Daphne and Sarcococca that will give the garden a sweet fragrance in the early spring months. A laurel hedge was installed below the new deck to help create separation between the deck and the new landscape. Flowering Saxifrage (ground cover) was added to all of the flagstone areas to keep these areas looking as natural as possible. Lastly, a variety of perennials were added to give the garden added color throughout the year.