This is a great little backyard that we worked on. With these smaller yards, we can really maximize the space and create something that our clients can use year-round. It is a new construction home so we were able to start with a blank slate. We installed about 500 sqft. of Mega Arbel Pavers in victorian color to create the patio and path. The patio portion is bordered with a charcoal colored 6″ x 9″ paver. In the center of the patio, we installed a gas fire pit. To top it off we installed a 25-foot long seating wall that really gives the space an intimate feeling. The dry river bed was installed to maintain the existing drainage system in the back yard. A small aspen grove, as well as alpine fir and mountain hemlock, were planted to give the backyard a mountain feel. Azaleas, hydrangea, and various perennials were planted to ensure different colors throughout the year. To finish the existing deck we wrapped the concrete supports in pressure treated boards and installed vinyl lattice under the deck to keep any animals out.

Initial Landscape - Before