This was our fourth project in the River Glen community in North Bend. The design is especially unique to our portfolio. Our clients really disliked the idea of seeing any soil or mulch in their backyard. Instead they wanted the garden to feel like it was up in the mountains. To accomplish this we needed more plants than usual, as wells as plants that would grow and spread quickly. To replace the mulch we started by adding large 2 man Granite boulders as anchors then gradually came down in size until we could fill in the smaller areas with drain rock. As with most projects in North Bend we were able to salvage some cobble from our irrigation installation. The rock work is meant to look random and scattered as it would in a natural setting. For trees we used; 3 different types of maples, Katsura, Cedar, and tree Hydrangea. The smaller shrubs include; balsam fir, mugo pines, hinoki, divinely blue cedar, and snow sprite cedar. For small pops of color in the summer we added various perennials such as; heather, daylily, hydrangea, and ferns. Lastly to help fill in between all of the drain rock we added various types of succulents. We did a minimal amount of paver work on this project but we left plenty of room for a patio to be added in the future. We used 2’x2′ Belgard Plaza pavers in charcoal color to create a path that leads from the driveway to the back patio. We also created a small pad for garbage cans as you enter through the side gate. This garden should take off quickly and we can not wait to see what everything looks like as it matures!

Initial Landscape - Before