This is phase two of Alpine Garden in North Bend, WA that we started last year. This was our first time working with porcelain pavers. It is a newer product to us, but after seeing how great it turned out it will be something we will be adding into many of our designs. These pavers are in the Noon line from Belgard in charcoal color. This particular paver has a wood grain look which makes it a great alternative to decking. Porcelain is extremely strong and requires much less maintenance than a standard deck system. They do not rot and require no sealing like a wood product or even a standard concrete paver. For this project, we did a partial overlay of the existing concrete patio. Because the porcelain pavers are so thin we were able to cover the existing aggregate patio without having to change the grades throughout the back landscape. Furthermore, we were able to sand set the pavers rather than mortaring them down so if the concrete should settle or crack we can simply pull the pavers up and re-level them. Our clients also wanted to change the stairs off of their back door. They were small, narrow and not very inviting for such a great patio space. We removed the old concrete stairs and built new steps that spanned the entire back door. The stairs were built out of CMU block mortared in place. We used the same material for the treads as we did for the patio. For the risers, our clients picked out a great tile that we also used to cover the exposed portion of the foundation. The original design for this space was already unique but adding this patio really makes this a one of kind space!

Initial Landscape - Before

Initial Landscape - Before & After seen from above